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Jana Vanroyen

Jana Vanroyen

Designer – Illustrator
Lille and elsewhere

On this website, I hope that not only the presentation of my work but also my personality will incite you to contact me.

Generally, we work better with people who share our common values, with whom we would almost like to go for a coffee and discuss this project that we would like to make unique.

And that’s good, because I function like that as well.
Who knows? Maybe I am this designer who will correspond to your project!


My name is Jana, but I think you already got that part. Illustrator and designer for more than 16 years, I still have the same ardour as when I finished my studies.

Trilingual, I’ve multiple professional experiences from abroad. Incidentally, a big part of my clients are a little bit all over the place.

I don’t consider my vocation as work, but rather like an art de vivre. A real passion that focuses on beautiful things, beautiful people, and sometimes even beautiful friendships.
And yes, to reveal visual identity of the project that you care about so much, one needs to open the last one. That little something, that imperceptible yet impactful twist that will make all the difference.

Because each project is unique, I make this come through the design to create impact and emotion. Together, let’s make your identity unforgettable.

What do you say?

The adage says not to care about what people say, but here what is said is indispensable.

Marcello di Giacomo
Director General
Beussent Lachelle

When repositioning the visual identity of our products, Jana showed a real sensitivity to the process of our brand positioning.

Her creative touch was well suited to the universe of chocolate and allowed the presentation of our products to be sublimated in perfect harmony with our ethics.

Jean-Charles Debourse
Révolution de Palais

It’s a great pleasure to collaborate with Jana not only as a client but also a sparring partner.

For this reason I could explore her many creative and artistic facets with a great care of execution. Her multicultural and international experience is an inexhaustible source of highly qualitative propositions.
Always attentive and sharing, her tranquil power masks a great determination and a strength of character for truly living up to our expectations.
I recommend Jana warmly, humanly as well as professionally.

Camilla Vickers
Health :Pitch

Health:Pitch is all about touching the heart in health so it is really important that the designs of our projects do this in the first instance.

Jana achieves this every time, magically combining her professionalism, skills and perceptiveness of context to deliver over and above the ask.

It is a privilege to work with you!

Communication Project Manager

What a pleasure to work with Jana! Very attentive, she produced for Santélys a work of quality meeting all our expectations.

Eric Franques
Eric Franques Immobilier

I’ve already been seduced by Jana’s sensitivity and her artistic qualities in which we confided our projects (logo, illustrations for our website, wish card etc…).

Lately we entrusted her with the realization of a mural in our agency that our clients find remarkable, very valorizing for our image…
I especially appreciated her professionalism.

Jana really has the love of work well done… Sincerely, she amazed me!

Miligram picto

Miligram is a design and illustration studio based in Lille, in the north of France.

Me, myself and I, it’s Jana, the woman with coloured claws, above. Designer and passionate illustrator, I create the visuals that make brands and people shine.

From illustration to packaging, through visual identity that is lasting and timeless, making you stand out.